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03-18-2018, 05:45 PM,
Vstar 650 shifts BELOW 1st gear??
First time riding my new to me 2001 vstar 650. Just did plugs Air filter fuel filter new battery oil/filter change (Mobil 1 synthetic vtwin) all stock other than sidecar (removed for service/cleaning of bike). I set the warm idle to 1150 put some seafoam in the tank aired to tires up to 36F/37R and went for a ride. Shifts perfectly and smoothly (need to adjust clutch slightly) and bike has 15k miles on it. 5th Yamaha in have owned...and it does an odd thing....

Whe in shift down from 3rd to 2nd to 1st, everything is just perfect. Engages nice and tight, clean up shifts and downshifts...BUT when I get to 1st gear and pull the clutch in and tap down on the shifter (making sure it's in first) the shifter depresses down as if it has another doesn't "stop" like my other bikes would. Ot doesn't clunk like it's changing gears, it just presses down like it has another gear (same amount of shifter travel)

Is this normal for a Vstar 650?
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