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04-13-2018, 11:11 PM,
Film  Documenting my 2001 VSTAR 1100 Maintenance in a video series
This is the first video in a series of repair videos for the VSTAR 1100 that begins with my VSTAR that was stored up for a time due to reasons beyond my control leading to gas rot. This is not really a big deal as it can be solved doing a comprehensive maintenance, something I do anyway on this 2001 Silverado edition. I did take this opportunity to play around this Seafoam, just for fun, before tossing the stuff, I wouldn't believe it would ever reach the effected jets [020 in my case] as small as 14 on stock in a dump and pray application, so its moot, that argument is officially settled. No amount of seafoam will fix plugged 1100 carbs unless you submerge the carbs in a bucket of the stuff for several days. Thats beyond the point anyway. You don't get proper maintenance and repair from a bottle, you get it from proper work.

Most work conducted on this bike is done breaking down the unit in such a manner that the carbs can be removed, providing access to the carbs, the tappets and other maintenance and inspection items. This video covers these breakdown preparation actions as well is what is found along the way, so that items can be inspected and repaired in upcoming videos. This is something anyone can do, therefor no gimmick is required, no tricks. Basic tools, no rush, and control of all removed parts as demonstrated, enjoy.....

This is the first in a two part series on the complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of my dual Mikuni CV carbs for the VSTAR 1100. It goes into much much much detail.
Note that after spending the same day on the Delorean AC I said a part was an 'orifice tube' and not emulsion tube. Further note that canned air was used in the example. I would never do a final cleaning with canned air. I use real air pressure from a compressor at much higher pressures. The canned air is only a prop. Leak testing is important, you will notice the jig. Notice the jig....

This is the conclusion in a two part series on the complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of my dual Mikuni CV carbs for the VSTAR 1100. It goes into much much much detail.
Emphasis here on mating the carbs back to each other on the bracket once both are completed.

More to come........
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