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05-09-2018, 09:38 AM,
V&H quieter exhaust & cleaning
I installed Vance & Hines Classics on my 07 Vstar Silverado several years ago. They are much louder than the stock pipes which is what I was after at the time. They also increased power and performance slightly. However, as I'm getting older, I am wanting a quieter bike. After researching, some recommended pulling the baffles, tossing the fiberglass wrap on the baffles, and rewrapping with stove gasket rope. I have done that, and will be testing it out within the week. It was very easy to do and cost about $15 per baffle in materials from Tractor Supply. Hopefully, the sound will be less annoying to me. I also cleaned the tips of the baffles that show when installed. They were discolored pretty bad. I soaked the tips in cola for about 15 minutes, then took aluminum foil and rubbed till all of the discoloration was gone, then rinsed with water. Worked great. I've included pics of the baffles after I pulled them, the rope I used, baffles with rope wrapping, and baffle tips before and after cleaning. Just passing along useful info. I will add to post after I test noise level.

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