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05-25-2018, 11:45 PM,
Story time... need help
Oh boy, where to start!

So, new owner of a 2009 Vstar, 27,000Km. Went through the check before buying, fired up first go, throttled fine, new tires, new battery, fork seals good, oil good, guy said he seafoamed and started through winter to keep it good... Seemed like a screaming deal for 3500$...

Soooo, I drive it away, figure hey i'll grab some gas and do some cleaning up tonight. Pull onto the highway, open up the throttle under load, then as soon as it hits 60kph BLLAGGGHHH, power gone. Good news was, my house was just down the road. I get home and think to myself that maybe something bad ended up in the tank. Call the guy and say hey, you didn'y have problems etc and stored it correctly right? he says ya ya ya its perfect.

Cut down to about 3 hours later when i've opened this beast up and saw how "perfect" it was. Heres a list

Air filter - so dirty not even a pig would love it
air box - SOAKED IN OIL
Spark plugs so fouled the wicked witch of the west would be envious
A fuel filter that looks like it came off a 1980 diesel tractor
and assorted wires and vacuum lines sticking out everywhere (capped and uncapped) obviously the guy thought he was a handyman

So at this point
I have replaced/done
spark Plugs
Air and fuel filters
Fuel lines
Fuel pump
Pulled and cleaned carb (as best as I could without completely ripping it apart
checked diaphragms

The bike ran, idled perfectly, choke worked and brought rpms up, but no matter what I did it will not throttle past about 1/3.

Now I've tried seafoaming, higher octane, wondering if there is anything short of completely rebuilding the carb (a bit of an expensive procedure) that I can try
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