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06-08-2018, 08:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-08-2018, 08:18 AM by Nanomiles.)
V Star 650 - need help with puzzling question - not firing up
Greetings, I have a 2004 V-Star 650 classic (xvs 650A Classic, or known as Dragstar 650 in my country) and it's not firing up when the engine is cold. I know there are many 'not firing up' situations all over the forum but none of them seems to be the same problem I have, so I wanted to post a new thread about it.

I was unable to identify the exact problem causing my bike to not to fire up. I'll try to list as much info as I can to explain the situation:

-The bike does not fire up when I push the ignition button
-When I push the ignition button, I see that the starter motor turns quite well and there's a 'pump like' sound coming out of the exhausts
- the fuel tank is full
- all lights and signs are lit, including the front headlight and turn signals and other indicators(neutral indicator etc.), meaning the battery is good. (but its 8 amp 12 v battery bought new and installed recently)
- the engine easily fires up when pushed on (bump start) a moderate speed on gear 2 by just releasing the clutch.
-After getting started by being pushed, the bike becomes completely normal and fires up. I mean, I get it running by pushing and stop the bike, kill the engine. It just fires up like normal if I start the engine with the ignition button.
- After some time, may be a few hours of less, the bike won't start again.

The problem makes me think that it somehow shows up after the bike is shut and left sitting for a certain period of time.
- spark plugs, spark cables, the battery, the oil level and fuses checked and seems ok.

Anyone have any idea? I think that if there was an electrical issue, it would never fire up, even when bumped. Another thing that comes to my mind is that the fuel is plugged somewhere because of dirt & residues and all the dirt goes away with the help of the turning crank and the complete system.. I appreciate if you could give me some ideas about this annoying problem. Thanks in advance.

PS: I'd be glad to answer any questions related with the info about the bike.
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