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06-22-2018, 02:17 PM,
Cranks but won't start (new fuel pump/relay/battery)
2000 Vtar 650 15k miles. New: fuel filter oil and filter battery, synced carbs, tubea/tires, brakes, brake fluid, diff fluid/greased splines, etc, spark plugs, air filter etc ...everything up to snuff. One day riding ran out of gas. Found gas tank cap screw in tank, fixed that put gas in and riding. Then, it just dies while pulling in and won't start. After sitting an hour starts right up...rode 20 miles and the hear a POP and it dies. Cranks won't restart.sit for a while starts up and rus fine. Few days later took it out for a ride got 4 miles and a pop again...runs for 20 sec and dies won't restart

Get it home...turn key and no fuel pump noise/sound. Pull the fuel pump relay and the connections look discolored. Sprayed with contact cleaner and they look nice again. But, I order new Yamaha fuel pump relay and put it in. Still no fuel pump noise so I remove fuel pump and order new one. I didn't bother testing either relay or pump since it's 16 years old and wasn't that expensive to replace. Fuel pump work great pushes fuel energizes make a nice noise. BUT bike still won't start. I'm going to go look and see if in have spark BUT....what else would it LIKELY be? I figured with intermittent symptoms I was looking at relay/pump is sure most likely.


Any input appreciated.
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