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06-23-2018, 03:29 AM,
second classmate in the same group
second classmate in the same group. Obviously, he also wants to be hands-on. The hand that I just reached out is freezing there. Is this experiment I do? Or do not do it? If you do not do it, it means that you have lost your chance to do it yourself. But if I do, although I can gain valuable knowledge and joy from success in the experiment Newport Cigarettes, my classmates will lose this opportunity, and this is our last science experiment class, and maybe he will come into contact with it again later Parliament Cigarettes. Without a microscope, you may never enjoy the opportunity to travel in this magical microcosm Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes... meditated for a moment and said solemnly to the second classmate: "I have done this experiment before, and you came to operate it. I recorded it." I gave him the specimen carefully. "Is it true?" He stared at me with wide eyes and I nodded firmly Online Cigarettes. He jumped up and excitedly said: "Then let's do this experiment together." Based on the lessons learned from previous failures, our team finished the experiment neatly, and was still focusing on other groups. At the time, we have completed all the records and the experiment has achieved "major success"! The teacher also expressed his congratulations on our success Carton Of Cigarettes. The students also voted for usThe second classmate of the same group looked at me silently and his eyes filled with gratitude. I am also very proud of my behavior! Silently say to yourself: "I really grew up!"
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