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07-11-2018, 11:27 PM,
more real materials
<p>materials. Quick wallboard Integrated installation of quick installation of the main points you know? As living standards are getting higher and higher, people are demanding more and more home decoration. The integrated wall panel with many advantages is gradually welcomed by more and more consumers and has increasingly become the </p>
<p>mainstream product of home improvement. Installation convenience has always been one of the main selling points of integrated wall products, then the installation process should pay attention to what? Preparation materials, utility knife, desktop cutting machine (selected high-speed serrated saw blade), grinder (serrated saw blade), square, </p>
<p>tape measure, triangle file, jigsaw, 3P air pump, air gun, Side: The main part of the structure used in the top of the tape. Wood board: mainly used in the background wall parts. Corner: the edge of the edge of the collection. Installation and measurement calculations Home improvement routine use of wall area estimation, 3 times the area, </p>
" decking tongue and groove recycled , laying vinyl tile concrete "
" pvc caravan decking kits , best rated deck stains "
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