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07-12-2018, 07:29 AM,
shading effect is good
<p>bathroom easy to fungus breeding, breeding, induced respiratory disease. Therefore, the wet mop cloth should be dried and then into the bathroom; keep the sewer smooth; Qin open exhaust fan. 2, clever addition to the home smell. Sewer mouth sprinkle some yam, flower pot mixed with some fresh orange peel, closet, drawer put a </p>
<p>bag of dried tea leaves, wok put a little vinegar, heat evaporation, can remove the odor. 3, spend more eyes tired room. Indoor plants to be less but fine. Too much will undermine the overall sense of the environment, not only difficult to play a role in regulating mood, but also cause visual fatigue. 4, choose a good sleep on the curtains. </p>
<p>Flocking fabric curtains are more heavy, sound-absorbing, shading effect is good; use red and black with the curtains, help to sleep soon. 5, shower room, all-tempered glass The most secure use of semi-tempered glass or bent glass, with hot water in winter or summer with cold water, it may burst, the safety of tempered glass is higher. 6, </p>
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