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07-21-2018, 05:31 AM,
During the Spring Festival, e
During the Spring Festival, every household has a lot of lights and joy. I have been particularly interesting this year's Spring Festivag, our family was busy Marlboro Red. Mother posted the Spring Festival couplet on the gate. What caught my eye was that "Ri Lichun was resident, and people stayed with Fuyong." Express family harmony and happiness. For me, I will help my mother to post the word "��" and I am going to stick it on the door. Mom quickly stopped me and said: "The word 'Fu' should be posted, that is, the homonym of 'Fu', and Fu came to our house. Spring Festival has a festive, financial Cigarettes Cheaper, and auspicious meaning." I heard, and quickly put "Fu "The word is down Carton Of Newports. Dad is also carefully preparing to hang a red lantern. I think: Doesn't this red lantern mean that the face of our motherland is changing day is time to eat New Year's Eve. The kitchen was filled with aroma; the table was filled with a sumptuous dinner, which made people look and drool. There is a fish in the middle of the table, which means that there is more than a year. The guests were all there, sitting in front of the table with joy and joy, and enjoying the New Year��s Eve. Mom and Ds have won the certificate, not only the red envelope, but also other rewards. This year, I was rated as a "three good students." Grandma gave me a red envelope and gave me a beautiful pencil case Carton Of Cigarettes. Encourage me to achieve a higher level of academic achievement in the new year. The children received red envelopes and a bright smile on their faces.evening, our family opened the TV on time and watched the "Spring Festival Gala". The melodious songs make people intoxicated; the graceful dances make people full of praise; the funny and funny jokes make people laugh; the wonderful comic dialogues make people laugh Marlboro Cigarettes Price... meaningful time for this year's Spring Festival. I hope that next year, I will have a better life.
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