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07-21-2018, 05:32 AM,
A famous bachelor once said:
A famous bachelor once said: "The world is not lacking in beauty, but lacks the eyes to discover beauty." In my hometown, people have theo to my hometown, so my mother drove me to my hometown. When I got out of the car, I was hit with a breeze. The wind contained the smell of dew and orange blossoms. Country, so comfortable! I said to my mother, "You go back home first, I will play outside and go home after a while." My mother agreed. I first went to a big river. Suddenly, I stopped my footsteps. In front of me, there were criss-crossing, dragon-shaped rivers and bridges of different sizes and postures above the river. I saw it. I didn't expect the country to have such a beautiful bridge. It seems to have been built in recent years. I have been here before, but I have not found such a spectacular stone bridge Cigarettes Cheaper. There are many passing vehicles on the bridge. It is the only way to the city. I walked to the right and found two bridges Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. One was a small wooden bridge. It was crumbling across the banks of a small river. This is a bridge with wooden planks. Although it looks simple, everyone cherishes the bridge. . Another bridge, from afar, a wide belt of silver-gray ancient bridge town, bundled on this winding river, adds another beauty to this beautiful . The colorful flowers under the tree were under the embrace of the trees. They were exceptionally beautiful and spectacular. They were particularly eye-catching. The small flin, isn't that beautiful and spectacular? I greet them eagerly: Hello Marlboro Cigarettes Online, cool mountain spring! Do you want to re-dress? Hello, the meandering stream! You are holding a small poem Marlboro Cigarettes, are you invited to sing with you? Hello, flying waterfall! Your natural golden scorpion, how strong the male tenor is. Hello, steep cliffs! The deep canyon sets off your tall and straight body, and your high forehead seems to be engraved with wisdom. Hello, faint white clouds! Your white figure makes the sky full of tranquility and becomes more bluy a humid mountain peak Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, followed by a light cloud, rain, quietly coming, every sound of the rain, every rock in the mountain, every leaf, every green grass, became The wonderful keys, the floating rain silk are countless clean and soft fingers, playing an elegant and small song, no notes have a fantasy color. The rock above the head is like a giant umbrella propped up for me. The place where I stood was a good way to see the rain. Who can say that this is not the grace of heaven and earth? I don't know when the rain stopped quietly. The wind also caught the breath, and the mountain became very quiet. In the distance, what are some little birds talking about? I guess they are talking about the beauty that is see rain, I still didn't go home, so she went to the mountain to find me. When I saw me, I said: Silly boy, I was fascinated, and even my family forgot to return! I nodded, waved my hand gently, bid farewell to all the beauty in the mountains, brought back a good mood, good memories, and brought back the moonlight all the way!
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