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08-02-2018, 10:10 PM,
the furniture directly Entering home
There are also a few owners who are determined to rebuild the new home. A wardrobe brand salesperson said that many of our customers are owners of hardcover houses, although the proportion is not very large, but more and more.F2C: Let the furniture enter your home directly,
F2C: Let the furniture enter your home directly. Guide: Unicom “home business”, “designer”, “home improvement company”, F2C is an exploration of the O2O model; let the furniture directly Entering home, reducing costs to benefit consumers, but also in line with consumers' simple consumption concept of "good quality and low price"...
SF relies on strong logistics, although the penetration of e-commerce has already been laid out, and the convenience store of hackers Appearing, opened up a new channel for SF Express's offline marketing, and its biggest difference from online shopping is to integrate the consumer experience into the whole transaction process,
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