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08-05-2018, 10:06 PM,
Everyone has their own home,
Everyone has their own home, everyone loves their home, and I am no exception. I also love my home because it gives me warmth! On a cold day, my mother will add a thick warm coat to me; I am sick, someone takes me to see a doctor; someone at night gives me a cover quilt... Every detail has warmed me and gave me the motivation to move forw was a downpour outside, and the raindrops of the beans hit the window, making a loud noise Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I was lying on the bed with a red face, turning over and over, snoring and snoring Newport Cigarettes Price, how could I not sleep. Mom just got up and gave the starving brother a milk powder. When she saw that my quilt was not covered, I covered the quilt for me. She walked over to me and found out that I had a fever. Mom hurriedly woke up Dad and asked him to feed my brother after drinking milk powder, then took me to the hospital toain outside is really big, although there is a poncho, but there is still rain passing by my ear. Mother felt that the rain was too big Marlboro Red, and the three did not change to the hrived at the hospital, my mother took me from the upstairs to the downstairs to do all the inspections. After I finished, I was out of breath.ient bed, I was faintly seeing my mother secretly rubbing my tears; in the middle of the night, I felt that there was always a piece of cold on the forehead, but it was warm with a towel, and my heart was warm; I called my father too. They took care of me together. It felt like there was a warm sunshine to knohalf Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The towel on the forehead is not cold but warm. I looked at my father and mother who were falling beside me. They were already tired. My mother leaned on my bed and slept well; my father squatted on my bed and fell asleep.s sour, and my tears continue to flow down like broken beads. When I accidentally moved my body, I woke up my sleeping mother, and my father woke up. There were thick black circles on my father's face. Under the care of my parents, I was discharged from the hospital very quicklylives Marlboro Cigarettes Online, a long and wonderful life episode. It bears everything about us. When our hearts are traumatized and frustrated, we don't have to be sad, because the family has become our partner, our confidant. Home is also the best place to treat pain, it will smooth the wounds that are difficult to heal, leaving the pain only to stay yesterday, making our day more excitingather brand bicycle
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