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08-05-2018, 10:09 PM,
On Friday afternoon, the
On Friday afternoon, the school organized a tug-of-war competition. After class, the students came to the playground happily. In just a few minutes, the quiet playground is full of flly arrived at us, all the students are eager to try. Our opponents are three shifts and two shifts. Teacher Wang arranged us from high to low, and with the order of the referee, the game started. I saw our hands in tandem, holding the rope tightly, separating the feet and slamming the ground. The cheering classmates are also cheering for us. The yellow rope hanging on the rope will come to us. Will go to the other side again. We held each hand tightly and pulled it hard, but the rope didn't seem to be heard. Even though we used the strength ged the venues in two classes. Teacher Wang stood by the team and shouted for refueling. He gave us the command Marlboro Cigarettes Online. We learned the lesson and looked at the front with both eyes. They were all desperately pulling. Although this was the case, we lost again. It seems that our strength is not as good as people! We lost both wars Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and compared with the three shifts, it was a clean and neat land, and there was no stalemate. Although we all lost Cigarettes Online, but everyone is not sad, still so happy, it seems, as Mr. Wang said: Although the People have to say a lot in their lives. Many words will be forgotten by us over time. However, there are always one or two sentences that will make us unforgettable. There is such a sentence in my life that makes me remember. When the third grade was just started in the next semester, Teacher Li gave us the whole class a sentence. This sentence is: "The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared, and the success is reserved for those who are prepared." Let me change my attitude towards doing things. Why does this sentence have such a big effect? The reason is thation, Teacher Li asked us to read some extracurricular books at home and choose one to write a reading report. In order to get the praise of my classmates Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I insisted on reading at home for half an hour every day and thought about why the characters in the article should do this. After many readings, I started to write my reading report. After the content of the article and the introduction of the character are summarized in one paragraph, I will begin to give you a detailed breakdown of the character's behavior and character. For example, the character of this book, Carana, her character is persistence, hard work, courage, no giving up. And his brother Ramo��s character is stubborn, mischievous, etc. They were killed by the Aleutians who hunted the sea otters. All the Indians went to the Kata Kalali Island in the east to live. At the time, they left two of them. They used the bones and tendons of various wild animals to make life on the island tenaciously. On the island, Ramo was also killed by a wild dog and left his sister Carton Of Cigarettes. Under Karana lived alone on the island for 18 years, Carana also grew from a little girl of the year to become a big sister. In the end, my reading report was approved in the class, and I also got the highest score of 5 in the class.
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