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08-08-2018, 04:54 AM,
revolutions in the flooring industry
<p>flooring industry to improve the service system of the flooring industry following the introduction of the first industry service specification in 2005.<a href=''>hot to build a 4 retaining wall with timbers</a> The winners of the "3rd Floor Industry Technology Innovation Award" were announced on the same day. wood chips around poolThe 12-item technology such as the antique three-dimensional painting floor of the living house, the reinforced floor of the icon, and the titanium crystal floor of Shiyou won the first </p>
<p>prize. Liu Shuo, chairman of Life Floor,<a href=''>how to cover stair stringers with composite board</a> said after the award that the company can only truly enhance its international competitiveness and change the current model of fighting resources and price.In this press conference, in addition to the "China Wood Flooring Industry Service Specification", waterproof plywood for boat buildingthe flooring industry also released the "Common Wood Identification Manual - Floor Roll" and "Wood Flooring Instruction Manual" (ie, laminate </p>
<p>flooring, solid wood flooring). , multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, three-layer solid wood composite flooring,<a href=''>how to paint composite cabinets</a> bamboo flooring, cork flooring and other six types of floor use instructions), as well as "three-layer solid wood composite flooring industry research report", "floor channel terminal investigation report", etc.over lay for wooden deck While providing the reference basis for standard services, flooring companies also provide opportunities and suggestions </p>
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