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08-08-2018, 09:02 AM,
revolutions in the flooring industry
<p>famous German brand Ou Dian floor headquarters did not exist at all.<a href=''>hog wire deck railing from tractor supply</a> The industry is stunned and consumers are stunned. So far, almost all the national media have launched an investigation on the European floor. The flooring industry is “not screaming, and it’s a blockbuster”, indicating that this once less-watched industry is on the are vinyl decks supported Stage, and the competition is fierce. Last year, Peng Hongbin once "disclosed" his expectations for the </p>
<p>industry's prospects:<a href=''>deck ideas sloped yard back door on corner</a> "At the end of 2006, 70% of the wood flooring brands will disappear." He believes that no industry in this industry has a market share of more than 10%. In terms of marketing, it It is a discretized industry, and there is no need to integrate. A large number of brands will composite deck parkTwo or three years later, like refrigerators and color TVs, several strong brands will be formed. The most promising laminate flooring </p>
<p>brands are Del, Rhine Sunshine, and St. Elephant, Filminger and Knoxen. <a href=''>lowes lowes decking boards</a>The forest is big, the brand is more, the competition is fierce, and the consumers are chaotic. As a result, the "China White Paper on Strengthening Flooring Costs" was also introduced in due course.cost to maintain a wood deck For the first time, the cost details of laminate flooring were announced, and consumers were also given a pair of eye-catching eyes. From this point of view, the shuffling of </p>
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