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08-18-2018, 04:29 AM,
oday, after I finished the
oday, after I finished the text "Oriental First Sentinel", I was very impressed. In the harsh environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius, you still stick to your post, and you have to cut ice and take water every day. It is a very rare spirit. In your place, the beautiful place is on the small slope. There, you built a small flag-raising field. The scenery on this flag-raising field is the most beautiful. You are like a boundary pillar, a solemn And the majestic boundary pillar, you use the amazing courage and life to build a strong border line, a reliable border line. How cold and desolate the uninhabited post, but you still greet the wind, braving the snow, showing the heroic spirit of the Chinese sons and daughters of heaven, your tenacity and unyielding, it is worthhough I have not experienced your life personally, I can understand that the cold and hardships of minus 40 degrees Celsius endure the painful loneliness in a small post. You have endured this painful loneliness, not afraid to keep the border line cold, and in order to defend the peace of the motherland and the people Marlboro Gold, you have paid too much...! You are always the most sacred, loyal, and great. I will follow you as an example and learn from your strong will. The spirit of selfless dedication, when I grow up, I want to be a useful person to the country Cigarette Tobacco For Sale.oday, I was very moved and watched the two lessons in the first lesson of the first year of school. I was very touched and influenced by education. program is composed of three lessons, and I only watched two classes. The first lesson is about "having a dream and having motivation" second lesson is about the case of "there is a dream to persist." What impressed me the most is the story of Liao Zhi��s sister in the second class. Liao Zhi lost her daughter and all her family in the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12 Marlboro Lights, 2008 Marlboro Red 100S, and lost her dancing legs. After she had a good wound, she put on a prosthetic leg. It felt sore and painful, so painful, how to dance? Just then, he was completely desperate. But she thought again, she struggled for twenty hours in the ruins, just to live in a wolverine? She is not reconciled Cigarettes Online. So he began to practice hard. After ten days of practice, she learned to walk and learned various dance moves. After a year, she learned to swim. After three years, she could climb the mountain. After five years, she was able to climb. She was also a volunteer in the Lushan earthquake. In short, she did what she did not do before she lost her legs. Finally, she also danced the beautiful dance on the stageand strong is Liao Zhi��s sister. She uses her every move to tell us that we have to dreamready a sixth grader, and now my dream is to be admitted to a key middle school. In the past two years, not many people have been admitted to key middle schools. For me, the possibility of realizing my dreams is very embarrassing, but after listening to the story of Liao Zhi��s sister, I feel that as long as I study hard, I can realize my dream. I hope that my life will become more exciting because of my dreams!
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