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08-18-2018, 04:31 AM,
The golden grass house
The golden grass house, the bitter wormwood, the quiet river, the endless reeds. This is Yau Ma Tei. There is a group of lovely children living there: naughty, clever Sansan, bald Luhe, strong Du Xiaokang and a weak, quiet paper month... These are all from Cao Bobo's pure novel "The Grass House"records a six-year elementary school life in which a boy Sang Sang is unforgettable. Tells one story after another. Every time I read a story, I feel a powerful force. Kindness, dignity, tenacity... All of this exudes the brilliance of the beauty of human nature, constantly impacting my heart.most intriguing thing in the story is Grandma Qin. She is the most stubborn person in the book. She lived in Yau Ma Tei for decades. The house was huddled in the northwest corner of the elementary school. It was a stain on the school. It took the school for more than a decade to drive her out of school. In the eyes of the locals, she is a hateful wife, always in the school to destroy. However, in a spring, she risked the rescue of Jojo in the water. Under the careful care of the people in Yau Ma Tei, they barely landed for more than half a month. Since then, she has undergone tremendous changes: she left the campus automatically Newport Cigarettes Price, used a cane to drive away the ducks that broke into the campus, and used a cane to close the window she couldn't reach... Finally, she left for a pumpkin in the school, accidentally falling into the water and leaving forever. It is. When I was moved, I couldn��t help thinking; what made her such a huge change? What made her want to treat a pumpkin in a district regardless of the white flowers in front of her? What made her shine in the coveted years? is love! It is the simplicity of the people in Yau Ma Tei, and the people in Yau Ma Tei love her purely. It is also her grateful heart. Care, simplicity, and gratitude wrote the perfect finale of Qin Grandma I admire most in the book is Du Xiaokang in the book. He used to be the richest person in Yau Ma Tei. Growing in the tall Newport Cigarettes, lavish red door. Overnight, his family became impoverished. He studied at the top of the list and had to drop out of school at home Wholesale Cigarettes, and his father put the ducks, hoping to burst again and again. But he has been living in a honey pot. He is brave and strong in the face of suffering. He did not give up his life. He resolutely provoked the burden of the family Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. He set up a stall at the school gate and let everyone see him. The beauty and elegance after the toughness Marlboro Menthol 100S. The sorrow and elegance of Du Xiaokang and the bad luck tell us that when suffering comes, we can't escape, but we must be full of hope s House" magically attracted me, the sorrowful feelings of the whole work, the human beauty that shines on every hero, I can not help but admire the ultimate beauty
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