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09-07-2018, 04:41 AM,
He does not have a tall figure
He does not have a tall figure, but he is admired by the world; he does not have a long life, but uses a short life to leave an eternal spirit; he, with the most ordinary actions, inscribed immortal youth; he is just an ordinary The People's Liberation Army soldiers have left many spirits worthy of our study; he did not leave a name for good things, and smiled modestly: "Raise your hand." He is our dear and uncle Lei Feng.he spirit of Lei Feng is to help others, to be obscure, to be diligent and diligent Marlboro Lights, to be selfless, to love and dedication Newport Cigarettes Price, to love labor, to be loyal to the revolution, to be loyal to the party, to do a line of love, and to be gracious. Fire, there must be patriotism, nail spirit and "sponge" spirit.n fact, there are not many people who have Lei Feng spirit around us, among them? I also have the spirit of Lei Feng.I remember once, I sat silently on the bus. Suddenly, the car slowly stopped and was ready to receive passengers. At this time, an old lady who was about 60 years old caught my attention. I saw that she had looked around and found that she had no seats on the car and felt very lost Carton Of Cigarettes. I thought to myself: Hey? Why didn't anyone give up? Then should I give up? At this time, my thoughts will quarrel. On the left is the pure daylight, and on the right is the hateful black devil Wholesale Cigarettes. "You should give up, because you want to respect the old and love the young!" "You shouldn't let the seat, you see, others don't let the seat, then you don't let the seat be good." "Let's seat!" "Do not let the seat!"... After that, I pulled them apart and then prepared to stand up and let them sit. I have the courage to cheer for myself! I walked slowly to the old lady and said in a hurry: "Old lady, there is a car seat here, sit down!" After listening to the old lady, she said with emotion: "Child, sit down!" The voice of the wife did not fall, I quickly said: "I still sit down!" Then he took the old lady's hand and carefully? Going to the seat, and then said to the old lady: "You sit!" The old lady couldn't help but sit down. Then, I moved to say: "Child, you are really sensible Marlboro Gold, you are really a small Lei Feng!" I said to her happily: "Thank you for complimenting, I will continue to do this Lei Feng spirit!"From then on, whenever someone needs help, I will help them. Little readers, let us pass on the spirit of Lei Feng! Let the world be full of love!
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