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09-07-2018, 04:43 AM,
When night falls, when I am writing homework
When night falls, when I am writing homework, there will be a cup of steaming milk on the desk. That is the "work" of my mother every day. Holding a cup of hot milk, my heart is warm; a bite, sweet and mellow, this familiar milky fragrance brings my thoughts back to that day.t was a night near the final exam, and I fell on my desk and "snake the night" - sorting out the knowledge I had learned. Maybe it is too much pressure, my mood is very annoying. At this moment, the door slammed open, and the mother came in. Her footsteps were so light and so slow. A cup of hot milk filled with milk was placed on the desk. There was a voice floating above my head: "Ningning Wholesale Cigarettes, review tired, come, drink some hot milk." The voice is so soft and intimate, like summer The evening wind of the day passed through my heart. Although I know that my mother is caring about me, but looking up at the mountains of my homework, I just reluctantly muttered from my mouth. "Ningning, go to bed early after drinking, ��fatigue tactics�� is not good for your health.�� Mom said softly Cigarettes Online. "Don't talk, it hurts me to write the wrong words. I am bothered in my heart!" At this time, I became a hedgehog, and the imposing spurs of the spikes hurt my mother indiscriminately. . My mother seemed to squint, then turned and sighed and gently covered the door for me.olding this cup of hot milk, I think it is heavy, my heart is also Everyone has a time away from home, and I am no exceptionThe tense exams are over. Our sixth graders are all ecstatic, returning to play at home - some playing online games; some chatting on QQ; some going to the country to play; others.I set foot on the road to travel and spend the summer vacation with my parents in Changsha. I was very happy when I didn't come to pick me up in Changsha for a few days and went to play the whole city of Kaili. After my mother came for a week Marlboro Menthol 100S, we set offWe came to the train station, I was a little sad to ask: "Mom, really want to go?" "Well! Why are you so depressed, happy." Mom comforted me, I looked around the train station and wanted to record this. Beautiful environment, but I am leaving, I will not come back until August. "The train No. *** has entered the station, please prepare the passengers with the ticket of the ***" Newport Cigarettes. The radio notice was given, I had to rely on Yiyi. Unwilling to get on the train.When the train left the station, I knew that I had never been to Kaili, so I looked at the scenery. The beautiful scenery of the green grass, the bright red flowers, the tall and tall trees, but I will leave you, please take care, I will come back again Marlboro Red.heavy...
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