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10-10-2018, 03:27 AM,
In my life, she left a
In my life, she left a deep impression on me, because she told me by action: there is love from strangers.
That time, I was sweeping the floor at school and I was about to leave the school at about six o'clock. At this time Marlboro Gold, the sky was dark, the school gate was about to close, and I rushed out of the school gate.On a quiet road, I am striding from time to time, sometimes slowing down and sometimes stopping. A thunder of "Boom", a flash of lightning through the sky scared me, and when I watched the sky, the rain had already started. "��" is another flash of lightning, the thunder is getting bigger, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, I have to hide under the eaves.n the rain, I suddenly saw a man coming to me with an umbrella. I didn't see it clearly, but I already felt her bright smile. The closer I get closer, the closer I am, the more I can see her. She is a young aunt and a kind-faced kindness. She saw me, patted me with her hand, and then said to me amiably: "Little brother, where is your family? Are you sweeping the floor at school?" She looked at the watch and said without hesitation: "This rain still It will take a long time Newport Cigarettes. I will send you back." I am embarrassed, nodded.On the road, the rain grew bigger and bigger, she always moved the umbrella towards me. In order not to let me get wet, she was wet. This made me very moved. When I arrived at my door, I said thank you to her. She touched my head and smiled. Then I walked with my umbrella and watched the aunt's gradually blurred figure in the rain. My heart felt infinite warmth. What is life? Is it made up of life and fate? Life is a beautiful and wonderful thing, with a dreamy color, like a flower, for a moment of bloom.As a life, we have to understand why we live and how to realize the value of our lives. God does not make a useless person. Even though many things, including personality, are different, they all have dreams. A journey with a dream life will not be lonely, a dream will have new hopes; if there is no dream, it will be destined to be painful Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and there will be no hope, and the meaning of life will not be found.Life will always have a moment of bloom Marlboro Red, such as: Wenchuan earthquake, a teacher sacrificed to save the students; the police to save the kidnapped children, several nights in the suspect's residence, no matter how sleepy, how hungry are still in themselves In the post; electric workers, in order to let everyone use air conditioning in the hot summer, braving 40 degrees of high temperature work outside Parliament Cigarettes. Too many examples. Human beings are to create one miracle after another. The most beautiful moment of life bloom should be recorded by the camera and then fixed there.Life is not about its length, but about its width. Life is very fragile and strong. Everyone has their own mission, some live for faith, and some live for dreams. No matter why you live, as long as you have goals and beliefs and don't let yourself be decadent, that is the best, then slowly bloom your beauty.
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