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10-12-2018, 03:33 AM,
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Begin the day with a poem. End the day with a poem. Compose a poem and tie it to a tree, or to a osrs gold balloon and send it floating up above the rooftops of Paris. Cork a poem in a bottle, cast it into the river Seine or fling it out to sea. Whisper a poem down a long, long tube into someone's ear. Listen to a poem in quiet darkness, or with your head lying on a pillow.
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One man was sick of watching his son playing World of Warcraft instead of getting a job, so he took action: He paid other people to play the game against him. Mr. Feng hired an elite team of players to repeatedly murder his son back to reality. You might recognize this as the same plan used by the Agents from The Matrix, but with less human compassion.
The world's big entertainment media companies have no option but to move into gaming in order to survive. Gaming has the fundamental advantages of interactivity, connectivity and non linearity. The older entertainment media cannot compete and are on the way out. Film, television, books, newspapers and recorded music are all in big trouble.
For the moment, many of the old media companies have ready access to capital to buy into gaming. As their traditional business models whither away they will no longer have this capital. So this is a finite window of opportunity for them. Soon the tables will be reversed and the big gaming companies will be able to buy up old media companies for their legacy IP.
Note that I personally prefer NVIDIA cards, because they tend to have less driver issues and I like the design of the driver control panel, but it's not a hard and fast thing. Also, if you buy a reference model, they tend to be quieter, too. Note that the model you linked to isn't reference, so the noise comment won't apply and in fact, that card is likely to be very quiet.
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