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10-23-2018, 10:35 PM,
Paper-cutting is a folk art in
Paper-cutting is a folk art in China. It can express people's inner feelings. I like paper-cutting. I have seen a lot of paper-cuts, but the one that is most impressed is this: a little girl is sitting in a yurt and studying. The outside is full of beautiful morning glory. When I saw such a paper-cut, I couldn��t help but imagine Marlboro Menthol 100S.This little girl is called haqin, a pair of sparkling braids glittering, is a lively, cheerful girl. But her life is very hard. Her father went to work in other cities How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. She lived with her sick mother Carton Of Cigarettes, her elderly grandmother and a younger brother who was less than three years old. Although life is very hard, haqin always loves to read. Every morning, when the first morning glory was open, she got up to do housework; when the morning glory in the yard was all open, she took the meal to the table at the bedside of her mother and grandma, a bite Feed to mom, grandmother, and feed the younger brother. Then I studied tirelessly in the yard or in the house Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. After reading for a long time, my eyes were a little flowery. She put down the book and went to the morning glory in the yard to seriously organize her beloved flowers. After she finished her work, she continued to study. Haqin is like this every day, day after day, year after year. After a long time, the neighbors said that haqin was very sensible, and often went to the harpist to see her and help her.Once, Ulan Gaowa next door came to her to go out to play Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Haqin grinned and shook his head and said, "I can't go to school at home, I want to study at home. If I go out, who cares for my mother, grandma. And my lovely little brother? Or you can go play with yourself, I want to be at home, I wish you a good time!" Ulan Gaowa nodded with a smile and said: "Ha Qin is really sensible, knows to take care of his family. I also know how to study hard, we should learn from her!" Other friends also nodded. Haqin blushes and smiles embarrassedly.This is my imagination, a cute and kind haqin who loves to learn, loves labor, knows to care and take care of his family. Isn't it worth our study to have these good qualities?I love China's colorful, varied and interesting paper-cuts!
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