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12-29-2018, 09:27 PM,
Love is a sunshine
Love is a sunshine in the winter, so that people who are hungry and cold feel the warmth of the world; love is the touching music in life, and people who encounter setbacks are once again cheered up; love is a clear spring in the desert, and people who are on the verge of extinction See hope.ove is broad, it can accommodate hundreds of rivers, it can penetrate a hard boulders, it is like a cup of fragrant tea, the more you taste, the more you can taste its fragrance.hat is love? A thousand people have a thousand answers. But no matter who you are, you can't say what love is to a person who has no feelings. Because love is not spoken out of the mouth, but it is proved by action, and it is slowly produced by, such as the heart of the sweet spring. Drinking the sweet spring, our heart becomes clear and bright.ove, like the sea breeze that is drunk. Feel the sea breeze, our hearts become pure and spacious Cigarettes Newport, such as the heart of snow. With the snow Newport Carton Wholesale, our hearts have become quiet and peaceful.cause of love, the wandering people can return to their homes; because of love, the exhausted soul can be as energetic as ever. Longing for love, like the song of the century Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, eager to be sung forever. What is love? Love is an inspiration to swell your life. What is love? Love is a charity grant in the snow Cigarettes For Sale Cheap. What is love? Love is a smile that soothes your wounded heart. Love is a ray of sunshine in the winter, dispelling the frosty frost; love is a rain after the long drought, nourishing the cracked heart; love is a navigation mark of Wang Yangzhong, indicating the hope of new is not overwhelming. Some people say that love is like a basin of water, and will not be recovered after it is poured out. I said, "Love itself is not like water, because love can pass, love can hold everything Wholesale Ciggarettes. Maybe some people think that love only pays for nothing, I say this is for sure.
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