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01-16-2019, 11:53 PM,
Garden decking is incomplete
red cedar, teak, mahogany and other hardwoods and recycled planks made from PET plastic. You can construct your deck on steep areas or rough grounds which are otherwise unusable. Decks generally act as an alternative for patios covered by a canopy or pergola to block sunlight. Garden decking, if done aesthetically, can be a serene, tranquil area
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for enjoying the quiet hours of leisure, or a fun active place for entertaining or celebrating special occasions. They are subject to weather conditions throughout the year so the materials chosen for their built are vital. Decks built of hardwood or softwood is quite popular. Timber decking is widely used due to its flexibility and natural look and feel.
Garden decks can be built in any shape or size or color according to your taste and budget. Softwood is the more popular choice when it comes to building garden decks, as they are pressure-treated with preservatives to prevent rotting. Hardwood decking boards do not require pressure treatments. Decking boards are usually 75mm to 150mm wide.
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