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03-14-2019, 01:49 PM,
FUT 19 advice on training from the Premier League
FIFA 19 has now landed on the shelves, and many are the players from all over the world who have wasted no time in launching (for the first time or, most probably, once again) into the engaging world of the Ultimate Team mode. The question that any self-respecting FIFA 19 player will ask himself at every access to the game will undoubtedly always be the same: how can I improve my training to increase competitiveness?

Training with a low budget is what we could call initial, and will obviously have to be strengthened in the shortest amount of time possible. As an investment we talk about 30 thousand credits (an average higher than that of other leagues) for a 3-5-2 standard that guarantees the right support both in the defensive phase and in the attack phase, thanks to a large midfield and to the right push on the wings.

A team with an average budget, will require a higher monetary investment, which will settle on the 100 thousand credits. On this occasion the formation will be a 4-3-3 with wide wings ready to shoot deep and with a midfield from the high dribble rate. In order not to discover too much better to have defenders who do not go deep. Embarrassment of the choice for the non-plus-ultra in terms of videogames: the top Premier League formation in FIFA 19 sees the presence in the field of the major phenomena of the world scene, in a 4-3-3 similar to that of the average team but counts among its ranks many special Champions League cards. Economically it is not possible to make a reliable estimate, given the great fluctuation in the value of the valuable pieces deployed.

Sergio Aguero is the winner of the POTM in February of the Premier League! The Manchester City player won the Player of the Month prize, overcoming the competition of: The winner of the February POTM of the Premier League, as happened in the past, has now received a special card in FIFA 19 obtainable with a special challenge creation. Recall that the Player of the Month is determined through a mechanism that provides for the vote of the fans, which weighs 10% on the final result, and the judgment of a commission that includes among other things former players, coaches and journalists, in addition to to the representatives of the various sponsors. Here is the complete list of the components of this commission for the 2018/19 season.

Click on the button and select one of the possible solutions. Attention to the numbers written in the columns Loyalty and Position Change, which indicate how many players with loyalty and how many with the role change are needed to meet the requirements using that particular solution. Also visit our website, to buy cheap FIFA 19 Account with fast delivery.
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