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03-18-2019, 12:38 PM,
Critter nest in bike!!
Hey all,

The other day I moved my bike in the garage and the tennis balls I stuffed in the exhaust fell out.Long story short I forgot to replace them and when I went back a couple days later and remembered to put them back in place, I shined my flash light in and was pissed to see some sunflower seeds stuffed in there. I was pissed at myself.
I've gone ahead and popped the spark plugs out and peeked in the cylinders and doesn't look like the critters got in there, thank god. Also pulled air cleaner and that is clear too.

So question is, the seeds are only in the rear exhaust, should I pull the pipe to clean it out, or do you think I can just try to vacuum out what I can then just fire the bike up?

Lessons learned- I'll be using steel wool to plug the pipes in the future!!

Thanks in advance!!
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