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07-17-2019, 09:36 PM,
common with wood furniture is discoloratio
works. For starters, and also on milder stains, try soap and warm water or a wood cleaner. Murphy's and wood deck cleaners both work. If that doesn't work, use a stronger cleaner, but avoid power washers, as they can damage the surface and grain of wood. For really tough spots, a solvent like bleach or chlorine and water usually does the trick.
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When using these caustic substances, always wear rubber gloves and goggles and work in small, concentrated areas to only attack the areas that are stained. Then, once you're finished be sure to completely rinse off any traces of the solvent; if it sets for too long it can actually start to eat away at wood. How do you repair a damaged finish? Once your
outdoor rocking chair is cleaned, you might also consider applying a finish to protect and beautify wood. The first step is removing any remaining traces of residual finishes. You can use a finish stripper, sandpaper or even a putty knife to do so, but be careful not to nick or damage the surface of the wood. Once the surface is smooth and free of varnish,
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