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07-23-2019, 02:16 AM,
wooden furniture and believes
made to cut like pruning shears, can be dangerous if their cutting edges are allowed to dull, though the danger is greater for the plants than the gardener. A dull pruning shear won't make a clean cut, but will simply crush a plants' stem and injure it. Spades and Shovels Spades and shovels come in all kinds of sizes and the gardener should pick the one he or
she feels the most comfortable with. The best have blades that are made out of stainless steel. They dig into the earth easily, they're rust proof and are easy to keep clean. They're expensive, but a well maintained spade can be passed down through the generations. For that matter, this is true of just about all gardening tools. The spade or shovel is the most
important garden tool because it's used for digging holes and trenches and for planting trees and shrubs. Rakes Garden rakes are used for clearing an area. Rakes for fallen leaves have springier tines than the normal ones, whose tines are rigid and shorter. Rakes allow the gardener to make the soil fine enough for sowing seeds. They also keep gravel paths
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