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07-26-2019, 04:49 AM,
An alternative to outdoor floor installation.
If you should happen to run out of decking, there may be a problem getting exactly the same color in the next batch. The eco warranties do cover the color, which is supposed to remain true for the life span of the product.
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Some homeowners have reported eco decking problems, but when inspectors visit the site, they have determined that the problem is with the installation and not the eco decking material itself. For example, eco recommends that this decking be left floating, so it is screwed too tightly it will crack.
Another problem that homeowners report is the surface scratches that may appear on the decking. eco says that these will disappear when the material becomes acclimatized. You may also notice some creaking when you walk on it, but since this is seen as an installation problem, eco warranties will not cover it.
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