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08-27-2019, 09:57 PM,
Don't Forget Finials to Finish Off Your Outdoor Spaces
Laminate flooring revolutionised the domestic home improvement market during its popularisation in the 80s and the 90s. Its initial selling point was its price costing as little as 8 sq.m which has moved down further to just 5 sq.m in recent years.
The main drawback to laminate flooring was its often unconvincing imitation of wood flooring. In its early days, the scanned images were often not very clear and contained excessive repeats of the wood's natural features such as knots and summer growth rings which was a dead giveaway. However over time, wpc floor has become far more convincing with modern manufacturers having the technical capabilities to use high-resolution images. This coupled with the ability to store a wider sample selection of scanned wood to produce their flooring means a large enough area to cover an entire room can be, in effect 'printed', without any instances of pattern repetition.
Another remarkable development in laminate flooring was the addition of texture to the surface of the floor. Subtle indents that resembled the grain texture of the wood that is often exposed in real wood flooring through a brushed finish and the bevelled edges of the plank sections which created V grooves once laid added to the improved authentic feel of laminate flooring.
Series was a pioneering brand during this transition from cheap imitation flooring to a high quality alternative and is today still offering some of the highest quality and most affordable laminate flooring in the UK. The current prices for laminate range between 5 sq.m and 12 sq.m varying greatly due to the different grades. Compared with a minimum of 15 sq.m for engineered and upwards of 20 sq.m for solid wood flooring, laminate still offers a cheap, simple solution to the hardwood flooring issue.
A cheap price however doesn't necessarily mean good value. This refers to how durable the flooring is, whether it's suitable for domestic or commercial setting and it's expected life span. Some AC3 laminate flooring might cost just 6 sq.m but the residential warranty offered would be limited to just 5-7 years. However, if you're willing to spend twice as much for AC5 grade flooring, you could be offered a much longer 30 year residential warranty.
This brings us onto the key factor of value. While cheaper AC3 grade laminate flooring might cost just a fifth of the price of solid wood flooring, it'll need replacing on average every 5 years whereas hardwood flooring would last decades. Mathematically this just doesn't work out but coupled with the fact that each flooring installation can also take more time and money and the product while it does last won't feel as high quality as solid wood or engineered flooring, low-grade laminate flooring isn't good value.
However, there is certainly potential in higher grade laminate floors. AC5 grade flooring may cost twice as much as AC3 but it is expected to last a colossal 6 times longer. I hope this proves that it's definitely worth doing the maths when comparing any products to get a sense of true value rather than just cheapness.
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