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11-14-2019, 06:36 AM,
Use environment-friendly material products.
Today furniture is made of recycled materials other than wood and they are termed as eco-furniture. Chairs are made of straw particle boards and recycled steel .These type of furniture are also made of what panel, plywood, wrought irons, stones, metals or sunflower boards and they are available in range of attractive styles.
" plastic resin board kenya , outdoor fires from reclaimed stuff "
Even today shoes are made from such ingredients so that the products can be termed as eco friendly products. In fact leather used for making shoes was extracted from the killing animals and that also pose another definite threat to the environment.
Today shoes and sandals are made of recycled rubber, waste product, recycled plastic, textile and other synthetic products. The various chemicals used in the traditional paints do cause health hazard. Researches were carried on to find to produce such paints which will be eco-friendly. The use of eco paints and somekeyword ensures a healthy living as the ingredients are not toxic.
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