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03-07-2020, 08:45 AM,
How is Oxybreath Pro different from other anti-pollution masks?
This mask is made out of a very light and breathable material called Oxybreath Pro which also acts as a filter. This material is very flexible – it allows air to pass through but blocks out impurities. Made using 3D cutting, the mask looks almost designer and will not drag your fashionable wardrobe down. It will only be a stylish add-on to it.
03-26-2020, 12:45 AM,
RE: How is Oxybreath Pro different from other anti-pollution masks?
Which mask is recommended now?
03-26-2020, 12:47 AM,
RE: How is Oxybreath Pro different from other anti-pollution masks?
The best virus protection masks for sale
The best virus protection masks for sale:
Please send us an official email if you are interested in us. We also hope to establish a long-lasting partnership and business relationship with you or your respected company.
As a company, we are not constant and we welcome new ideas as they help us grow our business together.
Our company is able to provide you with the required number of masks. Our organization has achieved great success.
Thanks for providing our customers with masks that are considered one of the best, easy to wear and available in different designs and color combinations. These masks can fully protect you from germs,
Bacteria, polluted air and other similar disadvantages.
Best virus protection mask:
1. Disposable protective coveralls long front zipper elastic waistband cuff isolation clothing
2. Disposable coveralls with hooded protective clothing, microporous, elastic wrists, short boots white
3.PFF2 medical mask
4.Thick disposable mask with 3 layers
5.FFP2 N95 Safety Mask 5-Layer Air Filter
6.FFP2 N95 Safety Mask 3-Layer Air Filter
7.FFP2 N95 Safety Mask 4-Layer Air Filter
There will be some new products coming later

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03-31-2020, 01:15 AM,
RE: How is Oxybreath Pro different from other anti-pollution masks?
UPDATE: THANK YOU. WE HAVE NOW IDENTIFIED 3 to 4 LEGITIMATE FACTORIES WHO CAN MAKE N95 MASKS ( that’s what need) and are in process of checking and ordering.And , we got a LOT of leads from genuine people. THANK YOU.
And, unfortunately, I also received a lot of scams and price gougers. It’s is very disappointing to do this ( scam and price gauging) to benefit from this tragedy and suffering.Please consider.
#URGENT #Coronavirus: USA hospitals are horrendously short of :
#Masks ( N95 and SURGICAL).
#Disposable #Protective #Gowns
And OTHER medical supplies.
Thank you.
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