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06-10-2014, 06:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-10-2014, 06:21 PM by Jdback42.)
A few questions about my bike
Bought a 2003 VStar 1100. Haven't done anything to the bike. Everything was already done by the previous owner. I did unhook the ais but just used the existing hoses to close it off for now to see if it helps with deceleration popping which I'm guessing it will. Of course it's raining today so I can't get out and test it out. Does anyone know what pipes these are. There are no markings and the previous owner didn't know? Also the tips are flaking and I was curious of what the best solution or any solution to fix the flaking would be.

[Image: ugenu6y5.jpg]
06-10-2014, 07:25 PM,
RE: A few questions about my bike
I can't answer any of your questions, but nice looking bike!
06-10-2014, 07:56 PM,
A few questions about my bike
They look like cobras ...
Specially if the have the end caps peeling off
I use to have a set of those that look exactly like yours
Nice bike
06-10-2014, 09:38 PM,
RE: A few questions about my bike
Those also could be HardKrome American Classics, or the older version like I have called "Strippers".
06-12-2014, 01:19 AM,
RE: A few questions about my bike
AIS disconnect WILL help the decel pop, if that doesnt do what you want there the PMS adjustment. Can't say much for the pipes, I found something i liked the sound and price of and threw them on and havent looked back!!
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06-12-2014, 03:24 AM,
A few questions about my bike
Bike sounds much better with the ais disconnected. A few pops here and there but nothing like before.
06-12-2014, 08:36 AM,
RE: A few questions about my bike
Good to read that you pretty much have your popping solved. Like geckoe says turing out and richening the pms screws on the carbs will get rid of it all the way.

Thanks for joining the forum!
LoLrcycle rider Cool
06-13-2014, 09:04 PM,
RE: A few questions about my bike
Good looking bike. I love the white wall tires. I have no idea what kind of pipes those are but they look pretty good.

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