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07-13-2016, 02:51 PM,
RE: Post Your Bike
Here's a pic of my ride

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07-14-2016, 01:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-14-2016, 01:47 AM by oldcountry.)
RE: Post Your Bike
09 custom

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08-28-2016, 03:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-28-2016, 03:45 AM by SnaykByte.)
RE: Post Your Bike
(05-07-2015, 05:00 PM)OldePhart Wrote: I bet your neighbors think you're rich because you've bought four new bikes in a year...either that or they think you can't ride worth a flip because you keep totalling them... Biggrin
@OldePhart, you are still among us! Love!!!


(05-07-2015, 08:17 PM)OldePhart Wrote: I don't have any recent pictures because the bike is feeeeelthy!

I'll have to take some more pics after I add the bullet stop and turn signals on the rear...
What do you mean "feeeelthy"? I have not washed my bike since, wait a minute, what year is this?
There is great need for a sarcasm font.
04-22-2017, 12:31 PM,
RE: Post Your Bike
Here is my 08 vstar1100 custom... if you wanna see a walk around i have a lil video ... its a walk around and i also have a sound off video... shes a budget bagger... but she clean tho...

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04-25-2019, 04:50 AM,
RE: Post Your Bike
My 2013 XVS650 custom. Love this bike.

[url=][Image: image.png][/
05-02-2019, 10:12 PM,
RE: Post Your Bike
left side of tank was cratered and paint was faded so I fixed the dent and gave it a paint job.

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