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05-22-2020, 02:35 PM,
2009 - no headlights, turn signals, horn, brake light, running lights.
Other than that...its a great machine!

Last year I had an issue with the turn signal switch and it shorted something. I replaced the control....but the problems remain. I have checked....and while troubleshooting /searching for the problem....and replaced both the headlamp and turnsignal fuses a dozen times. The turn signal one was blown...but is "fine" now---yet I have no turn signals. The headlamp does NOT come on regardless of what I try. I have chased every wire on the bike and have found nothing grounded to frame....yet the fuse will usually blow as soon as I try to replace it. I have disassembled the headlight without finding a fault. The WEIRD part is that SOMETIMES the fuse will not immediately blow ...but will blow when I start the bike. Also sometimes...I will be able to get front running lights (and the taillight) but not the orange turn signal running lights. The bike is in good shape and runs great with no noticed corrosion on any of the wiring. I finally started the bike and checked the stator output and got in the low 14's at 2000 rpm. I never thought I was an idiot....but this bike is making me look like one. I have no idea what to even check anymore and am about 30 seconds from hard wiring the headlight and using hand signals. Any help, snide remarks, or leads for someone to steal it and bring it to a motorcycle chop shop would be appreciated.
05-22-2020, 02:40 PM,
RE: 2009 - no headlights, turn signals, horn, brake light, running lights.
oh...and I have wiggled the wiring harness to see if a wire might be loose and have checked the turn signal flasher...
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