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11-07-2015, 07:30 PM,
The Phantom Bobber Built
Well, today I got a bit of time to play with the bike...
What I really wanted to do was to be able to start it to see if it works..
The original bike was abandoned outside for 10 years with a bad engine.... The engine I got from eBay was supposed to be working but you never know with those things...
I rebuilt the carbs and JB welded the broken one and connected all wires etc to try to crank it up.
Here a video of the revival !
11-10-2015, 06:29 PM,
The Phantom Bobber Built
Front forks seals were shot ...
Took it apart for the seal replacement so since I had them apart I decided to powder coat the lower legs..
I love my HF little powder coater :)
[Image: 2db1d91c78b9aea864c1c6e5fe791925.jpg]
[Image: 6de7d9b82735fd7928e2a2affc7cf4a9.jpg]
11-11-2015, 10:25 AM,
The Phantom Bobber Built
@Maustarman looking good can't wait to see final build.

Kimberly aka Queen of Plasti-Dip Freaks.
Gracie 2007 RoadStar 1700
2015 STAR Chapter 224 President, El Cajon CA
12-12-2015, 02:03 AM,
The Phantom Bobber Built
With the holidays here I've not had enough time to work in the project...
But the little bits here and there always help sanity :)
This bike has giving a hard time with its front end...
-Completely rebuilt the forks.
-Full front brake rebuilt
-new tire
-powder coated controls, levers and risers.
-Installed zbars and did a complete internal wiring.
-modified the front fender (it was messed up cause by having the forks shot the fender would touch the pipe header and since its plastic it got melted... So I had to flip it and get creative)

[Image: 342c7675ac1c3b699efec09d544bff9c.jpg]
[Image: 940542f90c5b919b9a0a6c235ed0d4b1.jpg]
[Image: 87b4cbe13549de42189096ff2b195de3.jpg]
[Image: 6687370f5be67526eca5338140480f86.jpg]
[Image: 1ecc61669e85d525d64fc229bb7f512a.jpg]
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