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10-26-2015, 08:23 PM,
Tires - DOT XXXXXX0406
2007 VStar Classic - 6300 miles (had 3900 when purchased last year). Tire tread looks good and no little lines on the sidewalls indicating rot. I was reading an article on tires and it mentioned how to tell the I checked mine and the last 4 after the DOT are 0406. My interpretation is that the tires were manufactured the 4th week of 2006. If that is true (and I am asking if it is), should the tires be replaced just on the basisi of age? I replacement is called for, what would you suggest by brand and name (would not mind white walls as long as I have to buy anyway).

Do you really save any money if you mail order them and have a shop install them vs just buying them locally and have them installed? Will places refuse to mount tires because you did not buy then there?
2007 V-Star Classic
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10-26-2015, 10:20 PM,
RE: Tires - DOT XXXXXX0406
You are correct on date code. I buy my tires online and replace myself in the past. Yesterday, Sunday, I put a set of new Commander ll on Vstar 1100. I got the ftont swapped out without any issues. The rear was a different story. I gave up after 2 hours and several busted knuckles. I really hate giving up as I have done this many times. I commute daily and had to have my bike today. My local Cycle Gear was open and for $50 they mounted and balanced. You just need to call around and see who is close to you and willing to do it. By the way got 22000 mikes on the last set of Commander ll.
10-27-2015, 09:41 AM,
RE: Tires - DOT XXXXXX0406
well whitewalls not many make them any more but highly recommended on this site and I have used both with excellent results are Metzelers and Shinko. get more miles out of the Metz but they cost more so up to you. call around to your shops though, we have one that does good deals on tires and another if you get the tires from them free mounting. i got my Metz mail order and the free shop charged me $60 to mount both tires.
2006 VStar Stratoliner, Freedom Performance split dual exhaust, Mustang seats, Sissy bar with back rack, bolted saddlebags to mounts.
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