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02-28-2016, 08:51 PM,
07 1100 exhaust ??
Folks ran into something on my 07 1100. I installed Cobra Speedster Slash down pipes and had the carbs rejeted. It sounds great and do see an improvement in throttle response. However the cold start idle is very rough, it constantly has a heavy order of gas out of the pipes and there is a watery type fluid that drips out both pipes all the time. It doesn't smell like gas or oil and doesn't have the color etc. Corbra says it's condensation the jet kit company doesn't have a clue. My stock pipes never did this has anyone seen this????? THX!
02-28-2016, 09:38 PM,
RE: 07 1100 exhaust ??
any time you increase the amount of air going into an engine you increase the size of the jets. if all you have done is change the exhaust all you need to do is adjust the pilot mixture screws to add a little more fuel.if you do change the jets it is recommende that they go up one size. from 112 to 115. you dont see water on a stock muffler because it has chambers where cobras are straight thru.
2007 1100 custom,cobra longs and pods,doubled clutch spring.
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