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07-05-2020, 11:39 PM,
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Livestream Will Open On July 8
Fans are waiting too long for the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, which was originally scheduled for reveal Livestream in early June was delayed after the murder of George Floyd.

But at the present WOW Classic Gold, Blizzard has confirmed that fans can watch the Shadowlands Livestream on July 8, through Twitch and YouTube at 11 am, until then, the chief producer John Hight and game director Ion Hazzikostas would mention the longer term development throughout World of Warcraft, who will answer questions from the audience.

During the reveal event of Shadowlands, fans can get a release date and details of the new adventure All races can play as Death Knights, interacting with dead characters and obtain to contribute to the story.
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