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05-21-2016, 12:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-21-2016, 08:56 PM by mcd177.)
2008 Vstar 1100 shifting issue. Stuck in 2nd gear.
Ok second time typing all this out.

I have a 2008 vstar 1100. 26xxx Km (Canadian :) )

I just got it and decided to bobber it all out. I rode it
very shortly before with no issues. Now after the bike is all put back together
I started having shifting issues.

The bike is stuck in 2nd gear now. I worked briefly. Maybe a
dozen shifts then stopped all together. The shifting rod moves but it just won’t
switch gears.

I'm looking for opinions anyone else may have please.

I may have done a few things wrong here so I'll describe
what I have done. ( By the way. I'm very handy but not a pro so don't laugh
please :) )

1) I had the cover off the left side of the motor. For some
reason I put an o-ring on the shifting rod where a c-clip should go. ( I did
not have a good picture of it when putting back together. The o-ring just
seemed like a logical thing to prevent and oil leaking from the shifting rod
threw the case cover) I don't understand how it does not seep out without it
but whatever.
Also I don't ever recall there being a clip there.
That also may be the main reason.
Old c-clip is jammed in someplace.

#5 in the following picture.
( So i'm trying to post a picture here. The only option for the image is to enter the URL of the image. Then I try to post and I get " You cannot post clickable links to this forum threads and posts."
so try this I guess. You haved to cut and past in the the browser address portion and add www. before the dropbox portion. ( Whats the point of having a img url post that you can't use really? is it because I'm a new member still ? )

2) Possibly the shift drum screw. Other than the c-clip from
above I suspect this to be the most obvious culprit.

#6 in this picture ( And as the other. Add www. before the dropbox portion. Annoying ! )

Covered already on this forum. ( I'll find the link to the thread after)

3) Clutch plates. (This is where I'm really looking for a comment. Is it possible the clutch can
disengage the motor perfectly but prevent shifting? )

Here’s where it gets funny on my part. I had the motor out of the bike for about a month.
I washed it several times with degreaser and a pressure sprayer. I did get some water in the engine that sat
for a while. Even though I covered up the port holes. Not well enough apparently.

I test rode it a few km before I noticed that. I flushed the motor several times till I saw
clean not frothy oil. I don't think that
is that bad being the engine is saturated with oil preventing any corrosion of
the sort. However I'm concerned that the clutch plates may be contaminated
now? But that might still not be the
case because the clutch disengages the motor just fine while riding it in 2nd
gear or pushing it around.

I also never had that side cover off either. Plus it is possible to shift without the
clutch. Even if you have to work at it.

4) Clutch adjustment / Shifter lever adjustment.

These I don't suspect to be an issue so I won’t comment on
it. ( And I have looked at it)

5) Wrong oil. I used
some 10w 40 to flush the motor for the water issue, but the issue stared before
that. ( I only rode it 3 or 4 km in the
flushing process. So I'm sure I'll hear oh oil. But the likely hood of oil being the entire culprit
can't be the issue. The gearing should
slide in and out at least sometime even if there was a little extra friction or
variance in the oil thickness. Maybe making it difficult with issues but not
stopping it all together.

6) Bent or damaged something.
-shift fork
-any gear

I was never hard on the shifter or anything. I don't know how one can bend or damage any
of these parts in reality.

So that’s it.

If anyone has any other comments or suggestions I would be grateful.

I'm going to take it apart right now to have a look so I'll
report back when I can.

Thanks for looking.
05-21-2016, 08:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-21-2016, 08:58 PM by mcd177.)
RE: 2008 Vstar 1100 shifting issue. Stuck in 2nd gear.
So after all that it turns out it is that C-clip.

It was causing the shift rod to move ever so slightly.

When the gear selector was operated. It would extend the shifting arm hook to hook the pin and pull or push the next gear. The rod shifted and the hook jumped over the shifting drum.
Once it was reset to the correct positon and the proper c-clip was installed. It worked perfectly.

Here is a picture of the shift drum cog. The hook goes on in between and hooks the dowels to pull and push each gear. ( copy and paste and add www. Maybe I'll figure out how to add a picture after :) )

Here is a pic of the bike.


Thanks for looking. Hope this helps if anyone else runs into the same issue.
05-22-2016, 11:12 PM,
RE: 2008 Vstar 1100 shifting issue. Stuck in 2nd gear.
Glad you found the issue. Shifting ok now?

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