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07-06-2016, 11:08 AM,
charging issue
My wife has an 05 1100 classic. We were out riding the other day when the battery quit charging. I got home and checked the voltage at the battery 7 volts at idle. I put the battery on charge that night and started to diagnose the next morning. All was well. We went riding again that day and after several hours the battery died again. Got home and 7 volts again. I started checking everything the next morning after it cooled off. I checked the R/R and according to several troubleshooting guides I have found it checked good. I checked the stator at idle and had 38 volts. The higher i took the RPM the higher the volts up to 100 volts AC. I done a resistance test between each wire and to ground and all checked good. I have found that the battery quits charging when it gets hot. What could be the issue if everything has checked out?
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