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07-19-2016, 04:19 PM,
I was having electrical issues with my bike and my speedometer kept dropping on me while i was riding. i read on the forums this could be caused by the speedometer sensor so i bought a new one. I also bought a new battery has mine had been drained then recharged(i thought). well while i was waiting on the parts to arrive, i went to lowes and i saw they had a trickle charger and figured why not try it, I needed one anyways. Well my battery came back to life!! and all my electrical issues seemed to melt away. well now i have a new battery and more importantly a brand new 5EL-83755-01-00 which is the oem replacement for part #5EL-83755-00-00. I figure someone may need one, its brand new in the box they shipped it to me in. if anyone needs one i will sell it for 80 plus shipping.
it works on a bunch of different Yamaha's not just the vstar. if this post is not allowed please let me know and i will delete it
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