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08-05-2016, 05:38 PM,
Bullet_go  Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer Discussion
I'm curious about what you my fellow V Star riders use for a Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer.

I recently purchased a 1100 Classic which I was told was ridden only once every two weeks as it was purchased to be a second bike for guests to use and wasn't ever used regularly.
Based on this fact and input from several of my local riding friends I am in the process of running Seafoam through it to see if it helps make it run smoother or idle better (it's not having any major notifiable issues though, just not purring smoothly). I'm putting in 4oz with each full tank fill up until I use the bottle up and then plan on not putting it in again unless I notice it is running rougher.
When not on trips where I can't choose what type of gas I put in it I'm running 88 Octane No Ethanol fuel (it so happens a local gas station carries it for their mid grade gas selection).

From my research I have heard the following fuel/oil treatments/stabilizers are good: Berryman B12, Seafoam, and Sta-bil

Where I live the weather isn't severe during Winter so I ride several times a week all year long. Due to riding regularly I don't need a fuel stabilizer really but was thinking of getting some for my 5 gallon gas can which will sit for an undisclosed amount of time until needed (I fill it up with the non-ethonal gas).

If any of you have any input in regards to fuel/oil additives/stabilizers I'd love to hear your input.

Thanks in advance
08-05-2016, 08:37 PM,
RE: Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer Discussion
well bud you seem to be on the right track, after that bottle I would switch to Startron, which I use every fill up for years now was recommended by a good yam mech.
2006 VStar Stratoliner, Freedom Performance split dual exhaust, Mustang seats, Sissy bar with back rack, bolted saddlebags to mounts.
Life's tough .. it's even tougher if you're stupid. - John Wayne

08-12-2016, 05:17 PM,
RE: Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer Discussion
Thanks for the reply and your input Keith.

I just finished my bottle of Seafoam with this last tank so I'll look into possibly using Startron next.

Definitely going to get some something to put in my 5 gallon tank for my at home fuel reserve when I actually buy the tank (I'm cheap and waiting for the better metal tank to go on sale - LOL). The gas in it will most likely sit unused for long periods of time.

I'll be filling it up the spare tank with the No Ethanol fuel though so unless it does indeed site for a long time I may not even need it (got research how long No Ethanol gas can sit before it has issues, I guess).
08-12-2016, 07:05 PM,
RE: Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer Discussion
hah, yep did same thing as have couple of generators that acquired that had bad fuel, the non is the go to for sure, if longer term stabil is better to help some, believe they still recommend changing out about every 6 months, the ethanol stuff can't store over a month very well as well as have read that its bad on certain hoses but carb rebuilders love it, they get to rebuild all types of carbs because of it.
2006 VStar Stratoliner, Freedom Performance split dual exhaust, Mustang seats, Sissy bar with back rack, bolted saddlebags to mounts.
Life's tough .. it's even tougher if you're stupid. - John Wayne

08-22-2016, 04:13 PM,
RE: Fuel/Oil Additive/Stabilizer Discussion
Thanks for the continued correspondence Keith.

I haven't been able to ride much in the last two weeks to clear out the last bit of Seafoam and refuel from near empty with the non ethanol fuel (nor have I had time to buy my gas can yet, life is way to dang busy).

I'll try stabil in my gas can (with the non-ethonal gas) and make sure to use it up after it has been sitting for six months.

I ride the motorcycle at least half a hour minimum twice a week (if not more) to ensure it's doesn't get damaged by the ethanol gas in it when I don't have the option to use non-ethanol gas through it exclusively. I don't want nor can afford at the moment to have to do a carburetor rebuilt on my bike.

Last time I used my generator I ran it dry so I'm good to go in regards to it. I'll use my stored non-ethanol fuel I have on hand if the need arises to run it again.
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