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08-10-2016, 12:13 AM,
Error  Crazy problem... I need help here...
There I was ... My wife's VStar 1300 sitting in the garage for about 9 months ... so I have to get it started because I'm moving. So I tried to start it ...battery is a goner. I kinda figured as much. So, I buy a new battery. Here is where things start getting crazy....I put in the new battery, and nothing...the only thing on are the taillights and front turn signals. The speedometer did not light up and the fuel pump didn't make a noise. So, baffled I check the fuse box. Wham the 15 amp Ignition fuse was blown. No biggie...there is a spare right there.
I pop in the spare and continue to start the bike. The bike starts right up...however still no speedometer, odometer, or clock. There isno red backlighting either. So i look back in the fuse box and find that the "backup" fuse is blown. So i grab the spare and go to put that on in blows immediately. I had some 10 amp fuses in a fuse kit, so I try another one. blown.. Then i disconnect the battery and put another one in... as soon as I attach the battery ....blows, i take apart everything in that compartment, and start reseating every connecter. try again... blown...
So not entirely sure the speedometer is not working... I put some air in the tires and take it for a spin around the block....speedometer is not working. My neighbor comes over to see what i'm doing and I proceed to show him how it blows a fuse ...I put the fuse in...and it doesn't blow...I am like seriously man it blew every other time. However, now the fuse is not blowing, but the speedometer is still not working... I am at my wits ends with this one...anyone got any ideas?
08-10-2016, 11:43 AM,
Crazy problem... I need help here...
I would take the speedo off and look for bare wires. Sitting that long maybe mice got to it , just a thought

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