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09-10-2016, 10:42 PM,
front cylinder misfire
Hello everyone I am new to this site. I have a 2003 vstar 1100 which the front cylinder is misfiring, how common is a bad coil? I don't have a ohm meter to check it. The bike had sit for three years but when I pulled the plug it was wet so I changed it but same problem. Also seems to have good compression.
09-11-2016, 10:51 AM,
RE: front cylinder misfire
you can pull a spark plug and lay it against the head to see if you have a good spark. or switch the coil wires around.
2007 1100 custom,cobra longs and pods,doubled clutch spring.
09-12-2016, 09:34 PM,
RE: front cylinder misfire
I found it. Air leak behind the air cleaner. Clamp was twisted. Thanks
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