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11-01-2016, 02:43 AM,
'97 xvs650 Dragstar Drive Shaft
Hi all.

I've had a '97 xvs650 Dragstar for a year now (my first bike) with 77000km on the odo (3rd owner).

Currently no drive can be delivered to the rear wheel as the splines at the join between the 'final drive pinion gear assembly' and the 'final gear assembly' have eroded away, and others look worse for wear as well. This is the bike's original drive shaft.

I am going to need to replace the entire drive shaft. Yamaha sells it for AUD$1,800. They said that a shaft for a '98-'07 V-star shoud fit but I can't get any solid answers from Yamaha dealerships as to whether it will fit, or if there is any cross model/size (classic-custom. 650-1100 ect.) compatabiliy.

I was wondering if anyone had any experiance or knowledge on this issue?

As a uni student I can't take the $1,800 hit, but there are a few V-star drives on ebay and at wrekers, mostly for the larger engine models though.

I'm having trouble inserting an image but the first result of a google image search for "v star drive shaft parts" shows it. The main offending piece is between parts 7 and 8. The $1,800 replacemet is everything inside the dotted box.

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