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11-21-2016, 06:57 AM,
Nirvana, ABS, Chains or Belts?
Ever since joining an Aussie Military Motorcycle club in March this year (2016) I have been going around in circles evaluating different makes of bikes. Our sub-branch is predominately HD, though there are two Triumphs and two VStars. My 650 XVS Classic (first bike) being one of those. As I have been researching a wide variety of different motorcycle forums of the different manufacturer's and after nine months of searching and reading I have come a complete circle (many times) and have finally found this forum after a hint on the Triumph Rat Forum. I am very glad that I found my way here.

As I am planning an eventual upgrade to a larger motorcycle and have been ruminating over a 1300 VStar (running both hot and cold on the idea) and similar rides in this size category. I am wondering if owners of the 1300 VStar would make the same purchase again or do they wish for something else? If money and price were no object.

The 1300 VStar ticks a lot of boxes but does not have ABS. Is this an issue?

What do members think of bikes with chain drives?

Excluding weight. Do VStar 1300's corner as well as VStar 650's? I suppose I am asking if they have the same frame size, lean angles? Just larger displacement engines.

I should point out that in Oz, we do not have the range of VStar's as the USA. We only have access to the base model XVS 1300 VStar and must accessorize it with bags, windshield, sissy bar, luggage rack and other accessories if available in Oz at the Australian Y-Shop. It would be wonderful if we could purchase a Tourer or Deluxe.

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,

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