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11-27-2016, 07:52 AM,
VStar 650 wont fire.
Hi everyone, i am new to the forum :)
My girlfriend has a 2014 vstar 650 which she loves very much but is causing a few issues lately.
The bike cranks over but there is no spark on front or rear cylinders?
I have checked for spark, there is fuel, lights on speedo work, checked fuses.
Do any of you guys have any idea?
08-28-2017, 11:40 PM,
RE: VStar 650 wont fire.
I'm gonna guess by now you've fixed this yourself or had a shop do it. I just had the same issue and had to replace the Pickup coil. It's not easy to remove to say the least. You'll have to drain the oil, plan on replacing the gasket on the left side of the motor and have gasket seal available as well. The coil itself is mounted adjacent to the stater. You'll need a #3 screwdriver and a good grip to get it loose. I used heat but the bolts didn't take the heat well.
I also had to scrape the old gasket off to make it ready for a replacement. 1 the gasket cost around $22 & the pickup coil was $80. If all goes well it s affordable but plan on stuck bolts, oil mess and some frustration.
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