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11-30-2016, 09:59 PM,
2002 1100 pickup coil & stator
Hi All,

I've been on this project for awhile now but long sad story short - on my first ride after doing some work on the fenders the rectifier melted along with some of the batt box & most the connectors on the right side so I've replaced almost everything electrical at this point except the starter & ecm. Wiring harness, battery, starter relay, rectifier, ignition coils (w/ plug wires), stator and pickup. Also new spark plugs, a good carb cleaning with a new fuel filter.

It cranks strong, good spark, and there is fuel getting to the carbs. Occasionally it will backfire while cranking. I'm really at a loss for what else I can check. The ECM is original but the stator pickup assembly was a $99 unit on Ebay. I was suspicious and today checked the 2 pickup wires with the meter and they are at 300ohms. That's about 20 ohms more then the max recommended in the manual but not sure if that would be causing the non-starting issue. Also the pickup leads are not the same color as factory so they could be reversed.

Electrical issues really suck but if I take it to the shop at this point I might as well let them keep it.
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